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        My sound system was assembled for maximum flexibility in the smallest package possible. I have a compact digital mixer that only takes up 19" of desk space, and yet it can support up to 36 inputs and 32 outputs. This is accomplished through the use of the expansion card on the console and my Network Sound digital snake. I can plug in wireless microphones, laptops, and other playback sources in to the mixer from the tech table, and any sources from the stage can be carried over a cat5 cable in to the digital expansion on the mixer. This means fast set-up time, since there is no patching of wires, and no heavy cable to trip over from the stage to the mix position. Using the digital expansion card also allows multi-track recording into my computer, so the show can be mixed down later for best results.

       I use Meyer Sound UPA-1 loudspeakers that have been re-built into the form factor of the Meyer UM-1, for greater flexibility as either mains or monitors. They are famous for their sound quality and durability. I have completed 5 of them, with 3 more under construction. I power them with Crown XTi-1000 amplifiers, paired with two 2,500 watt 18" subwoofers.