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SM Pro Audio EP84 (quantity 2)

  • 8 discrete microphone preamplifiers
  • 48V Phantom Power per-channel
  • -20dB Pad per-channel
  • Polarity Reversal per-channel
  • 80 Hz low-cut filter per-channel
  • Insert points per-channel
  • XLR/TRS combo jack
  • Balanced 47kΩ input
  • -60dB to +9.5dB mic input
  • -35dB to +32dB line input
  • 600Ω balanced output
  • 0dB to -0.5dB 20 to 20k frequency response
  • 0.005% THD
  • >105dB S/N
>120dB crosstalk rejection @1kHz, -20dB input
  • 58dB maximum gain

Mamba Digital Snake
  • Redundant network links 1 and 2
  • <200 microsecond latency
  • 32x32 analog i/o to 32x32 ADAT digital i/o over single Cat5e cable
  • RS232 pass-through
  • Aux 1 and 2 - Dedicated two twisted pairs for intercom or internet communication, one aux per cat5 link
  • 24 bit/48 kHz conversion
  • Can be integrated into any standard ethernet network

Yamaha VCM effects (included in 01V mixer)

All Input channels and output channels contain the following processing features:
  • Polarity Reversal
  • Gate
  • Compressor
  • -96dB to +12dB attenuation
  • 4 band parametric EQ
  • 0 to 1 second delay
The mixer also includes four stereo effects processing engines with 44 different types of built-in effects.

MOTU 2408mkII and 1224 computer audio interfaces

These single rack-space units serve dual purpose as audio interface for recording and expansion converter for the mixer's digital inputs and outputs. The two units combine for a total of 26x26 digital channels (24x24 ADAT and 2x2 AES) and 16x16 analog channels. The PCI card has an on-board DSP engine, too, so I can mix the 32 simultaneous inputs to 32 mix buses with very low latency.


Rackmount Computer

The computer functions both as a system supervisor and a multi-track recorder. The amplifiers can be monitored through the network for signal-level and temperature. Overall frequency response of the system can be monitored with an FFT and measurement microphone. The Yamaha mixer can be fully controlled with its "Studio Manager" software, operated remotely from my tablet PC, anywhere within wifi range. Also, a complete 32-track record of the show can be recorded and mastered later in my home studio.